Magshimim Program

In view of the growing need for cyber specialists, the Magshimim program was initiated in the belief that nurturing the talents of youth in the periphery will expand the pool of candidates to serve in the IDF's elite technological units, particularly in the Intelligence Corps, and eventually to lead the high-tech industry in Israel. The program targets high school students (10th-12th grade) who show a strong academic potential and computer aptitude, as well as commitment and self-discipline. After a rigorous screening process, they begin a challenging three-year training course with two afternoon study sessions a week, along with motivational activities and visits to high-tech companies and Intelligence Corps units.

PwCTF Prequalification Challenge

In order to show our support in this unique program, we decided to hold an onsite “CTF Challenges Creation Hackathon”, of which all challenges will be used in future CTF events in Israel, sponsored by PwC. The prequal challenges are leveled as “easy” and used in order to verify that all participants are qualified at a basic level. The Hackathon prizes for the 1st-3rd places will be awesome, we promise!

Participation Requirements: Complete the prequalification challenges!
Event Date: 20.8.2018, 09:00-18:00
Location: 25, Hamered St. Tel Aviv

Note: Please enter your full details when registering to the event. Invitations will be sent to eligible participants via email